Sunless Citadel - Lost City

Croix (village, Remes)

900 residents including outlying farms, human majority and sizable amount of halflings and other demispecies.

The village of Oakhurst is the destination of the Land Bridge Caravan that begins in Beluxi, Solitude.  There, they discover the town is in danger of water.  The rains have not been kind, and the seek a Blue Pearl Thistle plant that will replenish and maintain the well water for years to come.  Old history books they contain talks of Devian Ray, the crazed alchemist who lived somewhere off in the desert of Remes, was said to grow a tree somehow that would produce water as if by magic.  They are asking anyone to seek out this and save their village before they all die of thirst.

Village Hall.  Center of government includes the office of Mayor Vunror Leng, a male noble

General Store . Owned by Kerowyn Hucrele, a female human noble

Shrine. Advice, information, and healing are among the services dispensed, maintained by Dem "Corkie" Nackle, a female gnome priest.

Jail.  A stout building for miscreants, run by Constable Felosial, a female half-elf.  She commands a force of 16 guards and 4 scouts.

Blacksmith.  Repairing and forging arms and armor is the job of the village smithy, Rurik Lutgehr, a male dwarf.

Ol' Boar Inn.  Garon, a male human, is the owner and barkeep.  He serves food and drink, and the place has a few rooms visitors can rent.


  • No one knows for sure what the Sunken Citadel once was, but legend hints it served as a retreat of an ancient cult.
  • The last time they heard or saw Devian Ray was countless ages ago, and he spoke of his dwelling somewhere in the Ashen Plain, a lifeless area.  (DC 15 History) – The desolation in that area was attributed to a rampage of a dragon named Ashardalon.
  • Herdsman of Desert Elk, strange antlered beasts that lack fur, graze their stock near Oakhurst in fear of new monsters that maraud at night.  Victims of people and livestock have been found, riddled with dozens of needle-like wounds.  No one has seen the creatures that cause this mayhem, nor do they leave a trail. [twig blights]
  • Only Garon, the barkeep knows of a traveler named Belak who asked about the Sunken Citadel some 16 years ago.  He was the last person to head into the desert asking about it.  He recalls Belak having a very large pet frog.


THE SUNKEN CITADEL (dungeon, Remes)

The Sunken Citadel was once a magnificent ziggurat fortress that was ruled by a dynasty of dragonborn sorcerer-kings.  The fall of the citadel was caused by a collection of sorcerers who wished to destroy the dragonborn bloodline and for all based on rumors that a rift had formed below the sanctuary that lead into the Underdark  They believed abominations not from this world dwelled far below in the darkness and could be controlled.

Centuries after its destruction, Devian Ray sought the place out due to its solitude and isolation, feeling it would never be inhabited.  He used the locations as a focus for his studies on oneiramancy.  His studies led him to his demise as a powerful Lich who had mastered in the arts of oneiramancy trapped him in the Dreamlands.  Although he was conscious in the strange world, he did not realize his soul was what entered the world and gave him consciousness within.  It was vulnerable to the Lich who trapped it within its phylactery.

Devian was capable of reaching out, however, to others of great distance within the Material Plane despite being trapped.  He first sought out his descendant, a great-great-great nephew named Rashir, but after he perished in a trap within the citadel, Devian reached out for Pickles.  The Warlock has ties and connections with other worlds and Devian found it easier to reach out to him.

After Devian's soul was trapped, the citadel fell into the hands of Belak, a powerful spellblade and direct descendant of one of the most powerful Sorcerer-Kings who ever lived in Remes who brought his large army down below ground to establish it as a base.  Belak stole the Gruthia Tree, and later a young white wyrmling, in order to force an army of drow from the Underdark to do his bidding.  He wishes to take on the city of Tyr and unite Remes scattered territories under his rule.  He is unaware that Tyr has fallen to the Assimar invasion.

Salamanders have also found the citadel as a Mecca to their people, feeling a connection to the ancestral dragon ties the citadel once housed.  They wish to remove all hobgoblins from the main floor not knowing Belak and his plans below.

Devian Ray's sword can be found in Durrn's possession, a puppet-pawn hobgoblin to Belak who believes he rules the main level and the goblins who dwell there as well.

Devian Ray's private quarters are still undiscovered as Belak is unaware of Devian's history here though Belak's quarters are considerably close by.  Inside they will find Devian Ray's body lying in an ancient red velvet lined bed with a glass case hinged over it to seal him in.  His body is extremely well preserved due to this encasement.  Speaking to the dead body yields nothing as any communication will reveal his soul is missing/removed.

The rest of his journal papers may be found here as well as several jars of tonic he has made that enters the Dreamlands.

If anyone searches the Rift, far below at the base, is a pool of lava that the iron key in possession of the group may be inserted to open the egg and hatch the creature that lives within.  It will serve as a pack-animal that has the ability to transform into a portion of whatever object it is touching as well as walk across virtually any surface.  It does not allow to be ridden and will attempt to bite.

The Sword of Ray for Pickles may be used to find Scholomance if the words are spoken "I bring death." (or I am death).

Sunless Citadel - Lost City

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