Shrine of God

OBJECTIVE: The source for activating the star map to reveal Loc Nar piece locations.

There are 11 levels to the shrine, beginning at the base with a hatch that can gain access inside and ending at the apex which contains the observatory.

The final Cleric of God known as Gabriel built the interior to reflect the ancient stories of the Assimar race but vowed to do whatever was in his power to withhold the truth from the world, only revealing to the right people.  Initially Gabriel was accompanied by numerous acolytes, but he surpassed their lifespan by his divine spells and sheer will.  He is not entirely alone as Jogra, a Girallon, a 4-armed white ape, who appeared suddenly to Gabriel's surprise.  The Girallon remained in the 9th level in the animal sanctum.  Moke, the hybrid rabbit man, tends to the clock room on the 2nd level.

The floating the obelisk itself is believed to be divine intervention, created by God though the reason is unknown to Gabriel.  One of the unique features is among levels 4 to 6 where a semi-circle shape has been carved entirely through.  Slightly smaller in diameter in the cavity is a perfect sphere that is hovering with a slow rotation.  To the best of his knowledge, there is no way to access inside the sphere.

The obelisk floats about 150 feet off the surface of Zatra and is approximately 300 feet in length.

Level 1: Entrance.  This room has a platform lift that can lower passengers down to the surface of the planet, but it cannot be called down.  When the duo enters, a strange beep or whistle repeats somewhere.  It is difficult to find its origin, a Perception DC 17

Level 2: Gear Room. Strange tubes wind their way throughout this room, steam escapes from several of them, plenty of moving parts and gears.  A hybrid rabbit man tends to the pipes, levers, and valves.  He warns them of Jogra.  There is a spiral staircase to the 3rd Level.

Level 3: Beginning. The walls disappear and it seems to go forever, a planet void of life other than vegetation.  There is an odd feeling of a presence though no Perception can identify what or where it is coming from.  The temperature is exceptionally hot and muggy.

Level 4: Invasion.  A giant portal, similar to the one Zaburk saw when he was sent to the Shadow Plane, though definitely not in the same place this time, stands before them, as packets of strange, almost reptilian-like race emerge from the depth of the portal all wearing strange armament and weapons unfamiliar to Zatra.  It looks like they are searching for something.

Level 5: Tower.  In a valley that feels as if you have seen before has a narrow, tall tower with numerous of the reptilian race observe it closely.  The tower seems to be spinning clockwise, parallel to the ground.  Perception DC 15 notices the tower has a narrow inner cylinder that is spinning and slowly lowering into the ground.

Level 6: Great Battle. Here the players must decide whether to aid one or the other side or remain neutral.  Two forces, a race of winged humanoids fly above a collection of the reptilian race are battling in an epic fight.  Members of both factions shout for you to aid one or the other side.

Level 7: Pods. If they help the Assimar, the level will be a prairie filled with pods that reach to the duo's waist.  They are in caves if they help the celestials.  If any PC tries opening a pod, they see a deformed fetus that begs the resemblance of the reptilian race but has more familiar features to the face and body.  Assimar are there to attack the PCs, but each round they get older.  After 3 rounds they fall dead if not killed already.

Level 8: Birth. The level is much like Level 3 in that it seems to go on forever in every direction.  Time is different now, something feels different.  There are Elves living in primitive huts who do not speak more than a few grunts.  They attack the pcs.

Level 9: Animal Sanctum.  This level is entirely jungle, large elephant ear leaves and tons of vines dangling.  Besides the Girallon, there are ropers all over the place and interfere the fight.  Besides the Girallon there are plenty of common woodland critters that Gabriel uses for food.  All of the plants are poisonous, yet the animals can eat it.

Level 10: Guardian Chamber.  There is an iron golem partially embedded in an indention in the wall that becomes animated when PCs enter the room.  It has a key embedded in his chest that opens the observatory above.  He appeared as a protection to Gabriel but otherwise has no memory of arriving to the obelisk.  There are O-Rings like in the cemetery of Dorian Forest that will speak if spun.  They talk about the Cleric Gabriel and his hours of renovating the shrine over the years.  There is a raven's symbol which is God's holy symbol for priests and clerics.

Level 11:  Pinnacle. At the top of the obelisk is the observatory.  It contains a giant telescope that allows the user to easily look at Assimar's planet.  There are numerous maps on the walls, both of one strange planet (and only one) and a lot of star maps.  Among the maps is a diagram chart of a strange artifact – a blueprint on the forging of the Loc Nar.  Moonlight cascades down through the telescope on a certain time of night to reflect onto the map and reveal its secrets.

Shrine of God

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