Craghammer Quarry & Dungeon Worm

Jarvis Hamm acquired Craghammer Quarry from a dice tournament in the city of Beluxi.  He was unaware of the purple worm until recently his crew dug into the tip of its tail and encountered an underground ecosystem of creatures that were living around the dead worm.  He was told that the quarry was near an archwizard's home who dabbled with ethereal experiments.

Jarvis' niece, Sophia, left to seek out the location of what would now be the ruins of the fabled archwizard.  She returned with discovering more about the mage in that he abandoned his surface home to acquire precious organic materials.  His scrying powers found the dead worm and established an underground structure around the creature and forcing labor on creatures he could enslave.

Sophia has gone missing, thinking she can find the remains of the archwizard, Archamedes Zenzibar.  If successful, she theorized he may have left powerful artifacts that could help wipe out regions the Touch is most damaging.  (She has a wand that she found that Pickles believes [is not sure] to be one of 3 Shralindria's Wands.  Each of which contained enough arcane to destroy portions of kingdoms if broken in two.  They were once a single artifact that was thought to be a part of the world's essence, stripped away by powerful wizard enclaves, that resulted in Leeways.

Reward for bringing Smokewood Stout is the deed to a small plot of land with a structure in need of repair but otherwise a good start.  It is located on the eastern border of Solitude overlooking the Land Bridge.

As a reward for rescuing Sophia (or just making sure she is safe), Jarvis is prepared to award a small stake in the quarry, giving free stone for building if desired.


Craghammer Quarry & Dungeon Worm

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