Adventures List

Adventure #0 – Introduction – (Level 1) The duo meet while investigating two displacer beasts that have made their lair in a portion of the construction site of their Chamber.  Inside they found a pyramidal box that cannot be opened until Adventure #3.  They are recruited by the King of Chamber #3 to leave the sanctity and investigate Chamber #13 and why communication has stopped there.

Adventure #1 – Journeying to Chamber #13 – They must travel through a small forest that has been a victim of an anti-gravity spell that affects plant and animals.  Once through, they reach their first stop at the Crow's Cage Inn to rest.

Adventure #2 – What Lies in the Cellar – (Level 2) The barkeep requests the duo to exterminate all vermin that is pestering the cellar so that customers will return.  However, the cellar was once a church used to worship evil spirits long ago and must be sanctified or else more bad luck will follow the barkeep. Also barkeep gives them a keg of Smokewood Stout to be delivered to a friend up north who owns a Quarry (Adventure #9)

Adventure #3 – The Corrupted Woods – (Level 3) King and Queen elves are losing their forest from corruption.  Three areas of focus need to be solved before the duo are granted permission to continue through (and save them a week's journey around).  The Moon Masks (owl people) have become corrupted and acting hostile.  Something has tainted their sacred grounds and must be cleansed without bloodshed on the otherwise peaceful tribe.  The Great Deku Tree has lost its vibrancy to live and is causing the surrounding area to suffer.  They must find what is causing its corruption.  Finally the Sanctuary has been defiled by evil spirits that cause the dead to rise and must be put to rest again.  Destroy whatever is causing them to be restless.  A dry fountain has a series of rings that can be spun to form a perfect harmonic sound that opens the pyramid model they found in the construction site in Adventure #0.  Inside is a key (cylinder with grooves) that opens the Obelisk Shrine of God in Adventure #7 and a piece of paper in a foreign language "With this seed, I plant all."  It refers to the Assimar being the forefathers of all civilizations.

The duo is rewarded by the King, and he commends Zaburk of the dying race he is a part of and of his resemblance to a young woman who left the protection of his domain to live with an Orc who hailed from the Northern Lands.  The king did not trust this individual, and years later did he see the Orc travel back through his woods once more.  This time, he spoke of madness of a terrible colony of tentacled creatures that fed off the brains of the living deep inside the mountains of Valashra.  I believed him to be mad, so I ordered my guards to imprison him in the Stonebrook Asylum to the north.

Adventure #4 – Chamber #13 – Wpn Piece #1 – They explore the Chamber and find it to be deserted.  Through a giant door in the back where damage is noticed, a cave system winds through to a gaping maw of a face in the stone.  Inside rests a circular piece (one of seven pieces to the Loc Narr, the ancient weapon used to destroy God) along with a star map that only shows partial constellations that are impossible to identify at this time.

Adventure #5 – Ravens Hollow – (Level 4) An old traveling puppetmaster gypsy offers their fortune told.  He speaks of a map that has no purpose and that a diviner not far away can answer the questions they might have.  Thistle is her name.  He warns of a curse the town suffers from.  The town has a mill that does not operate anymore because of the river stop flowing.  Something has blocked the water upriver.  They have used oxen to manually run the mill, but those are being destroyed at a rapid pace by unusual behaviors from a pack of wolves.  Meanwhile, what little water they have been drinking has turned many to desiring the taste of human flesh and sometimes attack the duo.  A small band of cultists from Nub Sumat live in a cave nearby that are wishing to remove all citizens of Ravens Hollow to use as their base of operations.  They bewitched the wolves with buried pieces of dryad fairies near the oxen that send them into a violent frenzy of killing.  The cultists also lured a griffin to make nest upriver to block the water.  Beatrice will not help them until the problems are solved.

Adventure #6 - Inside Stonebrook Asylum, (Level 4) A patient recognizes the features of Zaburk and compare them to his mother and calling her by name, Isabel Northam.  He remembers an orc chieftan named Karug who led the White Wolf Clan far in the tunnels of Valashra.  He met Isabel at a crossroad tavern while her betrothed rested with his battlement in tents outside.  Last he had heard, the orc had been taken by a city ran by horrible creatures that fed on the heads of people (Mind Flayers, Illithids).  The patient speaks Zaburk's mother's name (Isabel) as the duo walks passed the open door of his cell, which triggers Zaburk's alertness of his mother's name.  The patient then says he thought he saw her pass by a moment ago.

Adventure #7 – The Craghammer Quarry - (Level 5) Jarvis Hamm has a missing niece who has gone into the mine in search of a dead archwizard.  The duo are awarded a deed to a small structure and plot of land on the eastern border of Solitude near the Land Bridge for delivering the Smokewood Stout.  If they find his niece, Sophia, and assure her safety out of the mine, they will earn a small stake in the rock quarry for any future stone they may need for building.

Adventure #8 - To Enter Valashra – (Level 5) A colossal purple worm appears to have died while burrowing through the delicious rock long ago, but the two soon discover something killed it instead.  The Archwizard Archamedes Zenzibar built a structure around the worm to extract the precious organs and metallic blood for his ethereal experiments.  He also enslaved numerous creatures to remove the parts.  While the archiwizard has died from a botched experiment, the enslaved duergar and monsters remain vigilantly working in fear of the wizard returning.  They soon discover a Behold possibly killed the mighty worm and built its lair at the maw of the burrowing beast.

Adventure #9 – Yug-Voreal & the Duergar - (Level 6)- After escaping the purple worm dungeon, they stumble upon an unlikely ally: a Mind Flayer.  He was exiled from his city, Yug-Voreal, after they discovered his powers in the arcane, which is forbidden.  He wears a metal plate on this head to block the danger of the Elder Brain that would kill him otherwise.  He witnessed a Duergar stronghold be overrun by powerful enemy known only as Kaval, which somehow pursuaded the Duergar to enter Yug-Voreal and convince the Mind Flayers to relinquish the Elder Brain and bring it to their stronghold.  Klyroktar wishes to ally with the duo in an effort for revenge and to regain acceptance into his city.

Adventure #10 - Nanook of the North – Wpn Piece #2 - (Level 6) [If without a guide] Caravan traveling through mountain pass towards Northern Lands is attacked by a lone Frost Giant.  It demolishes everything, takes what it wants and leaves what he thinks are no survivors, but one boy remains.  His name is Simon, and he is native to Nanook City.  He warns them how the citizens have been enslaved by the dramatic increase in size of the Frost Giant army to the north and that entering through the front gates will get them killed.  He knows of a secret entrance nearby.

Adventure #11 - Ravens Hollow – (returned) (Level 6) With a flying ship, they quickly return to Raven's Hollow to finish what was left undone.  Using the scroll Pickles received from the Warlock Enclave, he removed the summoning marking in chalk left by Nub Sumat members.  They got too close to the griffins' nest, however, and the alpha attacked, calling in its mate and offspring.  Once they are dead, the duo return to Raven's Hollow to talk to Beatrice Thistle and Jasmine about the loss of Cedric and the effects of restoring the river to the town.

Adventure #12 - The Town of Pottleville – (Level 7) – Held in terror by creatures called Leshensthat linger in the nearby hills and forests, the villagers and farmers of Pottleville are in despearate need of heroes.  Villagers are disappearing while the number of Leshens seem to be growing, and there is fear that the farmers are in great danger and soon the village.  All the while, a peculiar over-confident Bard claims to have information that would be interesting to the duo if they prove themselves to be true adventurers.

Adventure #13 –  Horaktar Cathedral - (Level 7) – With the location of the sacred cathedral thought to have been lost centuries ago now known, the duo search out with promises of forgotten secrets of the world's history that might prove useful in their quest.  Hidden truths about the world not being as old as one would have believed nor is it the first world in this location.

Adventure #14 - Zymbyly City - (Level 7) – The former human capital of the world now is ruled by animal hybrids, civilized yet xenophobic.  The duo runs across a sight that might chance their luck and fate when they experience these creatures first time.

Adventure #15 - The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan – Wpn Piece #3 – (Level 8) With the Sleeping One, a mighty Titan, out of the way, they find a temple mount it was laying on that leads to an ancient section of the human city.

Adventure #16 – Beluxi –  (Level 8) - They reach Beluxi to find the property to their deed from Jarvis Hamm to be a run down stronghold.  They can send for the stone and order renovations to begin.  They will be able to choose what to build and what order.  They will begin attracking followers.  The city of Beluxi holds 10,000 residents with many more travelers added to the number.  The Land Bridge joins the continental world to Remes with the city of Croix on the other side awaiting caravans from Beluxi.

Adventure #17 – The Green Rangers –  (Level 8) - Beluxi, Solitude.  The priest requests them to investigate the Green Rangers, an almost mythical order of men and women bound by oath to protect the people of the forest.  One of the 9 has died, and they are sent to investigate that the death was unrighteousness or not.

Adventure #18 –  The Land Bridge – (Level 8) – Crossing the long span, they aid the caravan from being attacked by Gnolls, bandits, and creatures.  On the Land Bridge to Croix, the caravan is attacked by a pack of ghouls that burst into sight from the desert.  Ghouls x5

Adventure #19 The Village of Croix   (Level 8) – Remes. It lies 7 miles west of the Ashen Plains, which is rumored to be the location of the Sunless Citadel (the Sunken City).  Many rumors are to be found here, but the village is in dire trouble for the water source in their village is gone.  They seek the Blue Pearl Thistle plant to replenish their water forever (the Alchemist, Colossian Wur, residing in Beluxi, however, seeks it as well – but to secretly exploit water sales in villages from the desert).  The duo witness and encounter a band of Assimar appearing from a brief teleporting portal on the edge of town.

Adventure #20 - The Sunken Citadel of Devian Ray  - (Level 9) - Remes.  (The Sunless Citadel) A village of rebels are without water.  Legend of a blue leaf tree grows within the old confines of the famous alchemist's citadel, Devian Ray.  They beg them to seek out the tree and plug a leaf from the tree so it doesn't die and return it to be placed in a protective jar.  After traveling to their destination, part of a large ruined cathedral looms in their way.  It is pitted with Werewolves, ghouls, and Succubi.  But it holds something sacred and also highly important.  The Touch inflicts them.  A giant sunken chasm contains the rest of the fortress below.  Pages from Devian Ray's journal is located throughout the underground.  The Sword of Ray is located here.  The Iron Keg can be opened here.

Adventure #21 - Shrine of God –  (Level 9) - Remes. They come across a half buried tower that begins to levitate 300 feet off the ground once they are inside.  Animals from experiments gone wrong dwell inside and are famished.  Some half moderate intelligence, speak their own developed language.  Communication Spell – or Know All Languages from Pickles.  At the top of the tower is a lens telescope that casts the right light down onto their star map revealing the rest of the constellations.  Those show they are from the northern hemisphere, in the Northern Lands.  On the back of the map reads "Through tunnel's light and darkest day, the brightest star will guide the way.  For fear of endings not yet seen, all the world is now careen.  What once was whole is now a part, brought forth together if brave thou art."

Adventure #22 – The City of Tyr – (Level 9) - Remes. Tyr is the largest city in the kingdom, and despite the feuds between the various Sorcerer-Kings throughout Remes, Tyr is the self-proclaimed capital.  It is entirely encased in a vast wall and shaped like two circles, one much larger than the other, and joined together by a straightaway.  The larger circle is dominated by a stepped pyramid that is colored with the spectrum while a large tower is the focal point of the smaller circle.  It is said this is the center of where all Leeways were funneled eons ago when the Mage War took place.  A massive army of Assimar appear and take over the city.  They are equipped with large, powerful beasts and items that only work to their race.  The duo will be overwhelmed and forced to hide or flee.

Adventure #23 – Scholomance – (Level 10) – Remes. (Scholomance conversion) This is the hidden resting place of Mordenkein's Library.

Adventure #24 - Mud Palace of the Shiate - (Level 10) - Remes.  Globe Town – A palace was built long ago made of pure mud and magically arranged to keep its form.  Inside, an endless flow of water can be found.  Clearly it was made by sorcerers of old, but the inhabitants are no longer the original dwellers but various roaming creatures seeking to satisfy their endless thirst in the desert.  Not far from the palace they chance upon Globe Town, a peculiar city comprising of spheroid buildings atop extending pillars that seem to have organic origin.  Political turmoil is occurring at the time of their arrival, and being Xenophobic except for a few merchants makes their stay difficult.  

Adventure #25 – Unhallowed Necropolis – Wpn Piece #4 - Flint's resting place – (The Doom Vault) (Level 10) –  Remes. Unhallowed Necropolis (Doom Vault).  Sturm Brightblade was to be laid in Lut Gholein beside Flint, but has been risen as a Death Knight, fallen from grace as a Knight of the Crown, the lowest level of order of the knights.  He now wanders the Doom Vault.

Adventure #26 - Twin Blacks – Wpn Piece #5 – Tasslehoff's resting place – (Level 11) – Gundrak.  Assimar Phase I. (Karazhan Castle) Deep in the bogs of Keldia reign the twin dragons, Moritia and Kordian.  Their domain covers several settlements that survive on cultivating the water plants in deep pockets of water using illouvy techniques.  The twins reside in what was once a great castle before Keldia became a bog through magical means but now lies in ruins.  The PCs will have to learn the ways of illouvy before taking them on as the twins enjoy both aquatic battles as well as in the air.  Tasslehoff Burrfoot cannot awaken.  Killed by the twin blacks.

Adventure #27 – Sheik Ra, The Ancient Lich King – Wpn Piece #6 Raistlin's resting place – (Level 12) – Balakork. (Sword of Ray required) (Tomb of Horrors) After 6th piece found, must release soul from a phylactery of a Lich, Sheik Ra, containing a mad alchemist, Devian Ray.  Need his sword to destroy it.  Tomb is under a dead Titan skeleton.  Sheik Ra is Raistlin.  Saint Gabriel is conflicted from memories of Raistlin saving them despite always touching evil.

Adventure #28 - Enter the Dreamlands - (Level 13) Devian Ray agrees to send them into the Dreamlands with a request to desecrate the temple of Azathoth in Leng.  (Secretly he wishes to dominate the city and forever reside within).  He explains they must first seek out the Rakshasa named Nazruel who has knowledge of demon summoning.  Although demons are forbidden in the Nine Hells (they reside in the Abyss), Rahzeel is infamous for the secret to tearing a door open there.  Both the 7th piece of the Loc Narr and the blacksmith who originally forged it can be found there.  Nazruel wishes to control the demon beyond magical protection circles.  He knows Rahzeel's real name, but its cyclopean eye is needed in order to have total dominance over the creature.  If they retrieve the eye, Nazruel will summon the demon and command it to open the portal to the Nine Hells.  There is an amulet the Rakshasa possesses that will aid in protection against the demon if they must fight it.  He recommends searching the bazaar in Leng.  The eye can be acquired in the Dreamlands by a merchant.  Instead of selling it, the merchant will have control of Rahzeel and use it to battle the duo.  With the amulet, they will be protected by one of the demon's powerful abilities.  It cannot be killed since it is summoned, but the body has been slain, the eye can be removed.

Adventure #29 - Into the Nine Hells – Wpn Piece #7 (Level 14-15) Once inside the Nine Hells, they will have to venture to the 3rd level to find the final piece of the Loc Narr (Temple of Elemental Evil) and the lowest level for the blacksmith, Remirez Black.  Sir Hodak, the traitor and betrayer of Chamber 13, is located down here as a Death Knight that the duo must fight.  They will need to rescue Remirez from the Nine Hells in order for him to forge the weapon back to its true form.

Adventure #30 - Onslaught of the Frost Giants – (Level 16) Bolochevic, Northern Lands.  The massive army of Frost Giants have long since breached Nanook City, the last standing defense before traveling through the Perrion Pass into Solitude.  They carry with them an artifact that extends the cold climates of the Northern Lands into the lower Kingdoms, threatening to conquer much of the northern continent.  It is discovered the artifact is a cursed item, manipulating the entire race into invading the Kingdoms.  Removing the cursed item will require great power, but doing so gains their "calling" for when the duo needs them.  (Include them in the army to attack Assimar on their home world).

Adventure #31 - The Loc Narr Reforged - (Level 16) Ming Ki.  It seems to be a holy sanctuary but is secretly a fortress for Assimar millions of years ago.  (White Plum Mountain). The duo finds themselves in a terrible blizzard though Zaburk can see fairly clearly to lead the way.  He begins to see bipedal lanky outline of figures in the snow facing them in the near distance.  He believes they are Yetis hunting them.  They find a cave that is inhabited by a Den Mother bear and two cubs.  Several days pass and the storm continues on, their food supplies run short.  Behind a boulder deeper in the cave is an entrance to the Yeti's living area.  The duo must take a narrow pass that winds up with steps to Ming Ki.

Adventure #32 - Assimar Destiny - (Level 17-18) Destroy the means of Assimar may travel to Zatra and fuse Xxuthan and Koz together or allow them to reside as binary gods.  Pickles decides whether to allow his patron, Cthulhu to enter the Material Plane using his body as a gate, destroying the world and Dual-God, but preventing Assimar from invading.

Adventure #33 – Optional Epilogue - (Level 19-20) The duo brings an army based on the people they have influenced on Zatra in their campaign and journey through the Assimar Gate with the intention to destroy the Assimar race for good.

Adventures List

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