It is obvious when gazing upon the city from a nearby cliff that it once was truly the Shiny Jewel of the world.  It was once remembered among mariners as Lut Gholein, but that was a long time ago.  Today, the city is a living dead civilization, comprised of shadows, ghosts, ghouls, and vampires that continue the daily lives they once had.  While no passing traveler is ever welcome within the walls, there are ways to gain partial tolerance among the more sophisticated undead.

One of the most savory experiences a living mortal can witness is hearing Jasmine sing her operatic melody accompanied with a specter-filled orchestra.  Now a ghost, she performs beautifully centuries after her death.  While some of the higher level undead such as the vampires will be in attendance to listen, a series of dancers appear each performance above the seats, moving in sync with each other as they dance about the auditorium.

During her final opera as a living mortal, an abomination crawled up through the floors of the stage and devoured Jasmine.  It was a sinister ploy by the stage director to eliminate his star performer to allow for his secret love affair mistress to take lead stage.  The director was hiding the fact of his sorcery knowledge, and created an opera with a spell hidden within the notes themselves so that when played through, would invoke the spell and summon the creature.

Sadly the creature was not controlled and feasted on most of those in attendance.  Such is the woe and curse of the dead attending the opera (with an exception to the vampires).

There is only one family of vampires, but they number close to 30, divided up into 5 subfamilies that are more kin to each other than the overarching family.  These noble families were the most powerful people in Lut Gholein.  They made some of the most devastating decisions while alive such as high tariffs on trading vessels not owned by one of the families.  They were also responsible for quarantining the Black Morass district when they were threatening to suffer an disease epidemic, but they forbid any medicine or treatment to be done within as a desire to decrease poverty areas and allow noble expansion.

The vampires are the only citizens in Unhallowed Necropolis who voluntarily chose to become undead.  As the skies were threatening of the devastating spells that would soon ruin all of the Kingdom of Remes, the noble families came together into private sanctum.  They had arranged to commune with a vampire lord to bite each member.  They were mistaken when the spells reached Remes as they laid waste to the entire kingdom – except Lut Gholein.  From some miraculous reason, the Shining Jewel was safe for a moment.

The city's true downfall came from a single traveler years later.  Although no history documents confirm the event, but it is widely believed that the traveler came from the far north, perhaps as far as the Northern Lands, carrying with him the Touch in an incubated state.

The vampire lord not only commands the families, he has also gained the ability to control the remainder of the undead in the city as well as small portions of The Touch that wander the streets in hopes of discovering a living mortal.

Down at the wharfs are what is left of the majestic Gholein Warships that were used to show the might of the city in its pinnacle.  Masts reaching 300 feet tall allow for nautical speeds of up to 80 knots.  None of the vessels are sea worthy though they could be taken casually and slowly around the port.

High above the buildings of the city is the Lut Gholein Vault, a floating fortress of a safe that is tethered down with thick chains.  When the city was extremely prosperous, the incoming money was so great, they sought construction of a magical container and placed permanent levitation spells on it.  The now vampires are the only ones who know the secret to reaching the vault without effort [through a cemetery mosoleum].


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