The Northern Lands

Geographical Region: Northern
Capital City: Nanook

The Northern Lands are not for the weak. The region is a cold, dark formidable area covered in some areas with over a hundred feet of snow, plagued with white out blizzards that last for weeks, and riddled with extremely dangerous creatures. Those who reside in the region are among the toughest in the world, capable of withstanding extremely dangerous temperatures and battling the most ferocious beasts. All of the Northern Lands are covered with some snow or solid ice, and the majority has enough that tunnels are the only means of travel and survival. These interlocking systems are carved by giant animals or by the humans who call it their home. It is rumored that the Northern Lands was once home to a thriving civilization not of this world before the humans made the journey over Valashra and claim it for their own. Any evidence of this ancient people has been buried deeply under the frozen ground.

Nanook (city): What began as a humble road side tavern for weary travelers grew to a thriving community due to the discovery of mithril. It is located in some of the harshest parts of the Northern Lands, near the northern shores of Killian Sea, and as such demands the residents to reside within the deep packed snow. Burrowers work endlessly each day cutting holes through the snow and ice, facing dangers such as spooking a slumbering creature or being killed from cave-ins. But the result is wide tunnels that allow for pack animals to venture through, carrying cargo around the city. Because of the dangers of cave-ins, despite the harsh and bitter cold above, no fires are permitted save the initial fire when the tunnels are constructed to seal the walls. All business is done under the surface of the snow as well as all access to the mines even further below.


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