The small town of Pottleville is in terror of a strange group of creatures who have entered the region.  They have caused farmers to abandon their crops in fear of disappearing.  Travelers who have witnessed the creatures claim to have seen very tall, lanky figures with colossal deer antlers.  A nearby sister town, Jahren, has been claimed by these creatures.

There is a traveling bard named Baron the Bold who has information of a peculiar location not far from Pottleville that would of interest to suitable adventurers such as the duo, but will only sell it to them if they prove to be the heroic adversaries their reputation claims them to be.  Aiding the village of Pottleville would be a strong example to the bard.

Leshens slowly growing bolder and attacking farmers in the surrounding countryside.  Villagers fear the Leshens will someday enter their towns and lay waste to them.  There is no idea how the Leshens continue to grow in numbers, but farmers claim to have witnessed villagers wandering too far into the woods and then later seeing greater numbers of the creatures implying the villagers are changing into them somehow.

The town of Jahren greets the adventurers with death.  Dozens of people rot as they slowly tangle from nooses throughout the town.  The houses have been nearly destroyed, but the insides of each structure has a pulsating membrane that has puckering sores.  Damaging any of them bursts corrosive mucus for 1d6 damage.  Wolves wander the streets in small packs of 3-5 and eat the corpses when the ropes break.  Murders of crows are scattered like gangs throughout the town perched on houses, trees, and signposts.


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