Nub Sumat

Nub Sumat is a vast cult that has spread across all of Zatra.  They worship Cthulhu, the Great Old One, which has been prophesied to reach the world and consume it and bring Zatra into the Fourth World.  The Fourth World is believed to be the zenith in the ongoing lifespan of Zatra, becoming a world rich in life and advancement of the highest power to which those residing will ascend to supreme immortals.  They are not worshippers of Koz.

The cult is cleverly hidden in various ways, and they do not usually reveal themselves unless necessary.  However, each initiate is given a yellow robe with a primitive triangle image on their backs.  They generally only wear these when casting rituals or chanting in an effort to speed the process of Cthulhu's arrival.

Some individuals have arisen above the other members by being "touched" by Cthulhu's presence as he draws closer to Zatra.  The sensation grants them limited powers that can match Wizards and Socerers.

The Assimar are enemies of Nub Sumat, but both are going to destroy Zatra if not stopped.  Nub Sumat wishes to summon Cthulhu that will destroy the world while the Assimar race wants to extract all essence from the world's core to fuel their home world and thus destroying Zatra.  The Assimar is racing to complete their objective before Nub Sumat succeeds while the cult as a whole feels they are too close to completing the rituals of bringing Cthulhu for the Assimar to succeed before them.

Nub Sumat

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