History of Zatra

According to the Fhanjorn (FAN-yorn), a tome of modern historical accounts, the world of Zatra (ZA-truh) was once the crowning jewel of a world among a sea of worlds in the cosmos. It was a utopia where races united to create a place of solitude and sanctuary that all things living thrived for thousands of years. Peace was wildly regarded as the whole of life, and what little evil that existed in the world was considered insignificant. While those living in this epoch dined on eternal knowledge and prosperity, much of the world was selfish of their good fortune and wealth. There were those in power who feared the future. An ancient book of prophecies called Eye of Nod was discovered and spoke of future betrayal of their good fortune and the ultimate demise of their perfect world. However, it foretold of a powerful weapon that would be used to prevent total destruction, though it was unclear as to what form the destruction would be.

During this time, the world followed one god, but over the centuries, thoughts were planted in their mind by an unexplained source that the betrayal the prophecies spoke of was that God would take away the utopia that was given to them. The ancient artifact mentioned from the books was surely the answer. Fear led the world to unite as one in a valiant effort to prevent what ill fortunes lay before them. Hundreds of brave souls set out to all four corners of the world in search of the lost and forgotten weapon.

While victorious in discovering the ancient weapon (a colossal sized sword that could be wielded only by an army of giants) they spent no time in learning its power or the consequences of defeating a god.

The result split the deity into two separate powerful gods, one who would be named Xxuthan (Zoo-THANE) and the other Koz (kahz). These two binary gods continued to work in harmony, neither good nor bad. They showed no malice towards the world and forgave them for their misguided foolishness.

But as the world continued to live through their vanity, selfishness, and greed, their fear of loss continued to thicken. Theories began to form (one in particular became accepted). Misleading prophets and nobles caused the people to believe Koz was evil and avoid worshipping him entirely. They preached that the betrayal the prophecy referred to was not of the former, single god but of Koz. It evolved into the belief that this deity would bring hellish rebuke among the world and destroy their beloved and perfect society. The people quickly believed the ancient weapon was in fact a key that could create and lock a magical seal which would imprison it forever.

Through centuries of studies and practices of the most revered and wise the world had ever seen, over generations and generations, a solution was found to imprison gods by mortal men. And the seal was created with the ancient weapon, forever locking the god away in a dimensional chamber miles and miles below the surface of the world. For eons it waited in silent slumber, dreaming, as the world above continued their prosperity of bliss.

At one point in Zatra’s history sometime after, there were five people who began hearing whispers from beyond that they couldn’t explain to others much like before. These whispers were temptations. With time, they soon found themselves together for one cause: destroy the sword.

And by the mortal hands of the Five was the great weapon of power destroyed, freeing the imprisoned deity and unleashing the fury wrath of anger it had developed over eons. What had been fabricated by false prophets centuries ago of hellish rebuke from Koz had come true through their own foolish actions.

In present day, Zatra is a realm that is at the end of its golden era, on the verge of falling into total darkness. What was once the pinnacle of mankind in discovery, innovation, and other advancements Zatra has become a realm of fear and terror. For thousands of years, Xxuthan maintained the world but with half the power it once had, causing the world to slowly deteriorate from its utopia. But with the release of the imprisoned god, the world is now rapidly falling into total destruction. While Xxuthan is present to only devout worshippers, it has become quiet to the world while Koz continues to punish all for their foolishness. Those of Zatra fear Koz will show no mercy and completely destroy the world, killing everything to make way for a new one.

The world is divided into four kingdoms and one territory. What remains is a broken world that is destined for darkness to overcome the lands. Few civilized races still reside above ground for fear of being infected by the Touch: a mysterious ooze that removes conscious control while granting physical boons and causing bestial violence. Those who have avoided the contamination have fled to the three Dwarven Kingdoms far below the surface as the subterranean species has strong resilience to the Touch. Dozens of sealed vault-like caverns called the Chambers were built by the Dwarves for all who are unaffected by the Touch. The kingdoms have been reinforced and sealed from the world, completely self-sufficient.

History of Zatra

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