Globe Town

Isolated in the heart of Remes, among the harsh, cracked spiked rocks, lies the peculiar Globe Town.  It is nestled in a narrow valley only a few hundred yards wide that snakes back and forth through two ranges of steep, spiked mountains.  Globe Town comprises of spheroid buildings resting anywhere from 30 to 80 feet off the ground on single pillars of about 20-25 feet in diameter.  Each pillar may support 2 to 5 different spheres.  Every sphere is joined together by hanging wooden bridges for both transportation and additional support.

While there are a few access points that lead to the surface, only a small handful of residents ever set foot there.  These individuals are mostly merchants who barter with the very rare traveling merchant or caravan.  These goods acquired are usually of unusual variety to those within Globe Town as they are entirely self-sufficient otherwise.  All necessities of life and even luxury are produced inside the globes.

Their bodies have adapted to high tolerance to thirst and dehydration from living in the desert, but they cultivate water during the wet season when the narrow valley completely floods for weeks at a time.  During this period, Globe Town is entirely submerged underwater with ventilation shafts reaching above the water's surface.  They harvest the water by funneling it through piles of rock and sand that has been buried in chambers below the valley's surface and later pumped up through the pillars.

Globe Town became a self-sufficient, nearly sealed community due to Rover attacks.  At one time, numerous Rover settlements thrived in this area when fragments and relics of Remes' ancient past could still be found.  The buildings have a unique defense system to protect them from attack.  When under siege, the spheroids and pillars quickly grow as if an organic life form.  The pillars are capable of extending nearly three times its original height, and the spheres are able to harden to nearly rock-like conditions.

In the event of an aerial attack by Rovers mounted on their Miter Moths, the pillars can retract down, the spheres surface become hard enough to penetrate the hard, dry ground.  While producing a hole that would seem to cause the tops of the spheres to become vulnerable to attack, once again they show characteristics of organic life and rapidly produce an extension "cap" that resembles the surface, camouflaging the hole.

Globe Town

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