Celestials, Angels, Demons & Devils

Despite what people of Zatra believe, beings from the Upper and Lower planes as well as the Abyss are all Assimars, the race that has descended down from their home world of Arasbar.  After the First Invasion, when Assimars activated the Korelian Gate and arrived in Zatra, a handful remained for various reasons:  punishment for their actions, observation over the civilizations, or guidance among the people as they grew.  Initially they were all equally neutral in their own ways of wishing for the ultimate goal to occur, which would be the Second Invasion.  This second invasion has yet to occur as the Assimar are patiently waiting for the total destruction of what was once God.  Once Xxuthan and Koz have been eradicated, the Korelian Gate will be reactivated, this time in numerous locations, to allow for the hundreds of millions of Assimar clan members to reach Zatra.

Between the two invasions, some Assimar who remained have shifted their views due to the influence of mortals.  These individuals have become Celestials and Angels who wish for the prosperity of the people.  They believe that Zatrans have a right to live with the influential protection of the binary gods and feel sorrow towards them knowing the Assimar are the reason for their utopia to have ended.  The Assimar's corruption placed into the minds of the people of Zatra led to an unfair decision to destroy God and imprison Koz.

As a result, Celestials and Angels are there to oversee, protect, and, in some rare circumstances, intervene with the mortals.  They come in countless forms and can be any race flawlessly.  When they wish to interact with Zatrans, typically they will appear in a more natural form such as a human to prevent any discomfort among them.  No living person on Zatra knows the origin of these entities.

Angels are more powerful forms of Celestials.  They never truly interact with Zatrans, remaining in the Upper Plane to observe and calculate any foreseeable future that might prove detrimental to the people of the world.  When this occurs, the Celestials might be sent out to help guide the fabric of time in a positive manner.  This may be through persuasion of a politician or nobleman deciding to aid a rival country in times of war, send food to rural and distance villages, or even seek Assimar relics that might strengthen the minds or bodies of the local people.  Angels also prepare to one day join the ranks of mortal people of Zatra when the Second Invasion occurs.

Demons and Devils are former Assimars who either have been punishment by their own kind during the First Invasion and have warped themselves into other sinister forms.  Demons reign in the Abyss, an endless wasteland in the Prime Material Plane, while Devils choose the Nine Levels of Hell in the Lower Planes as their domain.  These creatures are pure evil and should never be trusted.  Both often intervene and try manipulating Zatrans to their bidding for pleasure.  Neither Demons nor Devils are the more powerful like Angels to Celestials, and their views are polar opposites.  Demons thrive on the chaotic side of the world, relishing in random acts and events that cause unexpected results such as a sudden flood in the desert lands of Remes or change the views of a peaceful community into barbarism or cannibalism.

Devils enjoy manipulating and conniving others.  They will use words over actions to do their bidding.  Often they can be found hidden among nobles and politicians of Zatra, whispering into the ears as their advisors to persuade specific decisions such as going to war on an ally.  There are more devils among Zatrans than there are demons as the latter have fewer among them capable of traveling from the Lower Planes to the Material Plane.  Devils are summoned more by evil sorcerers and warlocks due to their superior intelligence.  Too many times, summoners are not prepared or make a costly mistake on protections before bringing a Devil to the Material Plane to which the Devil escapes.  All Devils who find freedom after being summoned choose to remain in the Material Plane of Zatra to take advantage of their "free ticket" as plane travel does take a tremendous amount of energy and power.

Devils and Demons will side among the Assimar upon the Second Invasion despite most of them were left in the Lower Planes as punishment for various heinous deeds.

Celestials, Angels, Demons & Devils

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