Beluxi [town]

Overlooking the Bordeau, a sea filled with broken lands, the town of Beluxi is the last safe haven before entering the harsh lands of Remes.  Caravans are available once a week that only travel across the Land Bridge to the town of Croix.  There, only the most daring individuals are paid handsomely to venture further.

Beluxi is a modest town of about 10,000, though many more add to that as travelers make their way into and out of Remes.  The interest of even going into the wastelands comes from the rumors of lost wealth among seas of ghost cities when the devastation caused by too much magic wiped the kingdom clean.

Now Beluxi is focused on fishing as their primary source of revenue.  Many shops of low and modest incomes can be found, the lower end found closest to the docks.


Blacksmith – [Jeroth Rogers, 42, mastercraftsman] [Doras Killian, 15, apprentice] – Repairs armor and weapons, taking 1 day for every 5 gp worth of the item.  Cost of labor is 10 gp for every 1 AC or +1 damage (not for recruitment).

Fishing Equipment - [Harothgar Higgins, 73, master fisherman] [Leroy Buttersnout, 23, journeyman] – Has various fishing equipment for sale including an fishing pole that caught the largest Bevarian Angler ever to be seen (it hangs on the wall in skeletal form).

Tailoring - [Benjamin Buckle, 47, craftsman] [Victoria Buckle, 38, craftsman] – Creates shirts, tunics, trousers, slippers, cloaks, capes, and hats.  Silk is available at a very steep price (10x the value).

Butcher - [Big Black Jake, 50, journeyman] – Local meats are available salted or unsalted as well as dried.  Some exotic meats are available at 5x the value: mammoth, griffin, owlbear, hippogriff, and shark.  He runs an illegal gambling club in the back on Thursday nights.  On that day, he sells bite size pieces of what he claims to be dragon flank (though it's really oxen with special spices), which will allow entry if anyone orders exactly 3 pieces.

Alchemist - [Colossian Wur, mastercraftsman] – Colossian sells anything imaginable when it comes to remedies, ointments, and tonics.  His healing potions are high (2x the value), and his herbal remedies are fake.  He usually has 1 potion of restoration. (not for recruitment)

Magic Items & Oddities - [Zum Loop, 83, salesman] – Zum is almost impossible to locate.  He is considered legendary or a myth among townsfolks.  His shop resides inside an impossible small crack in a building no wider than a quarter inch.  The only means to enter is by a special key inserted into the crack.  Only two keys are known to exist: one is in possession of the burgomaster (unknown to the public) and the other is believed to be owned by a merchant who enjoys his house to be filled with deadly traps.  Zum possesses most magic weapons and armor of standard quality (uncommon and rare) [use Random Weak Magic Weapon Generator], and he usually has 1d4 very rare items [use Random Magic Weapon Generator].  He also has 1 minor Wondrous Item. [use Magic Item Rarity List PDF]

Tavern - The Bustling Buxom is a pub and burlesque house that is frequented by sailors after a day out on the Bordeau.  Fights are frequent and occasionally a murder is witnessed.  A barrel of Dragon's Piss is available free of charge to anyone daring enough to drink it.  [CON DC 19, or be sick for a week needing medical attention no healing potion will cure].  Those who put it down successfully gets to reach blindly into the trinket box where, among the oddity trinkets, a rare magic item is hidden (99-00 roll on the Trinket List).


Beluxi [town]

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