Zatra is at the end of their glorious Golden Age and facing downfall into a black gloom that could span eons.  Careless, selfish people of the world who coveted this utopia that their one God created for them looked to satisfy their paranoia of it being taken from them.

Through exhausting measures of acquiring a legendary artifact of immense power, the world focused their efforts in destroying God and ending their fear of the deity.  But the artifact had consequences not foreseen by the wisest of people, and God was split into dual deities, perfectly balanced, who continued overseeing the world with forgiveness of their foolish ways.

Beyond the boundaries of the deities' realm, other entities that no one on Zatra could fathom quietly dabbled in the minds of mortals for unknown reasons.  These seeds of ideas grew to desire once again in toiling with powers mankind knew nothing about nor the consequences following.  With the same artifact they used to destroy God, one of the two deities the mortals called Koz was imprisoned far below the surface.  Mankind feared this deity over the other, falsely believing it would bring hellish retribution to all those in the world and destroy their perfect utopia.

The world began falling into darkness as the surviving deity did not yield enough power to maintain the beauty that was of Zatra.  And so those that tinkered and corrupted the world before from far beyond sought to interfere again by setting in motion events that led to the destruction of the artifact by mortals.  Koz was freed from its slumber, but the anger that grew within as it remained imprisoned was unleashed upon the world 100 fold.  The people's ignorance and selfishness invoked the beginnings of their own destruction by enraging a once peaceful deity.

Zatra is now pummeled by a relentless god while its counterpart, named Xxuthan by the mortals, tries in vain to maintain what little beauty is left in the world.

Four thousand years ago this occurred until Koz released a danger to the world that they were unable to face to which they named the Touch.  Mysterious black ooze-like entities began spreading along the countryside, causing living beings to lose control of their consciousness and develop violent bestial behaviors and immense power.

The Dwarves recommended what was left of the world retreat into the mountains to remain their existence in safety from the Touch.  Mixed feelings were met with this notion, but most surviving had no choice.  Through ingenious design, fully-sustainable fortresses called Chambers were built underground over the next 1,500 years.  In the end, 30 were built all across Zatra, and most of the world retreated into their safety, never to see the surface again.  While submerged, the people kept to themselves and were left untouched by Koz.

In present day, those residing in the Chambers know nothing of the current state of Zatra's surface world.  Only communication by the highest authority between Chambers are made possible by strong magical means, but recently communication has gone silent among nearly half of the Chambers.  Fear has risen among those in command of the remaining Chambers that they have been discovered and breached by an unknown source.

Two unlikely individuals, connected by a heinous crime, are strangely hand selected among a sea of volunteers to undergo a great mission involving the departure of Chamber #3.  Having never been to the surface in their lives, their knowledge of the Zatra only comes from the ancient tome Fhanjorn, a book written when the world was still thriving above and copied over and over throughout the centuries.

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