Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #1
Leaving Chamber #3

Pickles was requested by Lieutenant Hensley to accompany him into a newly discovered area in the construction site where two miners have gone missing.

Adventure #2
The Crow's Cage Inn

The two reached the surface for the first time in their lives.

Adventure #3
Victory in the Cellars

After a brief rest, the duo wrapped up their quest in the cellar.

Adventure #4
The Corrupted Woods, pt 1

As the party was brought before King Lykesha and Queen Quendella, they took notice that the king was behaving erratic

Adventure #5
The Corrupted Woods, pt 2

When they arrive to a bluff overlooking the cemetery, they see it is crowded with shambling creatures

Adventure #6
Chamber 13 pt 1

They discover Chamber 13 to be breached with an odd man outside

Adventure #7
Chamber 13 pt 2

Faced with surmountable odds, the duo form a plan

Adventure #8
Raven's Hollow

When the duo arrives to Raven's Hollow, it is eerily silent

Adventure #9
The Village of Stonebrook

Pickles and Strogg fight while the guard's three dogs run down the east block to attack Zaburk

Adventure #10
Into Valashra - Craghammer Quarry

The duo could either return to Raven's Hollow with the mysterious scroll Pickles received from the Warlock Enclave or take the map that Jeremiah provided to Craghammer Quarry.


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