Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #23
Zymbyly City

The Rising Sun passes over a gruesome scene of death, carnage, and possibly foul play.

Adventure #22
Haroktar Cathedral

They sailed for Horaktar Cathedral in search of the Baron.

Adventure #21
The Liberation of Jahren

The duo is surrounded by Leshen, but they retreat when the duo approaches.

Adventure #20
Life After Death

The duo find themselves strangely conscious despite having been fately struck by a spell.  

Adventure #19
Breaching Nub Sumat's Encampment

After a geas was place on them, they found the entrance to a hollowed knoll they felt contained an undead creature.

Adventure #18
Raven's Hollow Redemption

Raven's Hollow was not the same as they left it.  A misty shroud covered the town along with a strange unnatural night that was only visible within a few hundred feet of the town's limits.

Adventure #17
Rescuing Roy the Blacksmith

The Frost Giant in the Trade District gripped Pickles around his waist, constricting him.

Adventure #16
The Sky Elves Rescue

Having acquired the Sky Ship, Pickles vowed to return for his fellow Sky Elves they left protected in Zeke’s safe house. 

Adventure #15
The Daring Rescue & Acquiring the Loc Nar Fragment

The duo watch as the Frost Giant walks their way down the giant hall, dragging the Sky Elves behind.

Adventure #14
The Great Arena & Escape

Thrown into the arena with 6 prisoners, one being Zaburk's father, Karug, the duo prepared themselves for the 8 gates that slowly opened.


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