Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #36
The discovery of the Sunken Citadel

With the sun on them beating down, they cross the norther part of Remes in search of the Sunken Citadel.

Adventure #35
Into the Desert of Remes

Aboard the Rising Sun, the party began following the Land Bridge into Remes. 

Adventure #34
The Baroness' Advisors

Returning to the Baroness, the duo felt they had had enough of the advisors' manipulations to her and struck!

Adventure #33
The Green Rangers

After a restful night's sleep, the party awakens to see the Rangers getting ready to depart their separate ways.

Adventure #32
Into the Iron Forest

Pickles darts into the stairs and stops the advisor to question him. 

Adventure #31
Ollghum Keep

The party set forth with sails full toward Ollghum Keep.  A long line stretched out the curtain walls of farmers waiting to be checked in for the evening.

Adventure #30
Meeting a thief and shopping

Pickles faced three people in the Bishop's graveyard telling him not to whistle. 

Adventure #29
Sir Gabriel Belmont

Having rested as best as the two could handle with Zaburk's disguise he carried, the two set off into the secret tunnel that Pickles had uncovered.

Adventure #28
The Undead Beholder

The duo had found their way into the Third Tier of the Hidden Shrine of Tamaochan, the sacred tomb of the ancient human civilization.

Adventure #27
The Western Lower Chambers

After a fearless series of battles, the duo was heavily injured without the ability to rest more than an hour.


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