Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #47
Meeting the Brock and the Cause

The six Assimar stared patiently awaiting for the two to answer their questions. 

Adventure #46
The Journey To Tyr

A pair of the duo faced another pair of themselves from the past with Gabriel in black armor watching them. 

Adventure #45
Pinnacle of the Shrine of God

After vanquishing the mighty Jogra and resting up, they ventured up to the 10th level of the Shrine of God. 

Adventure #44
Continuing up the Shrine of God

One of the most important decisions laid before them.

Adventure #43
Into the Shrine of God

They approached the Monolith, surrounded by odd stone tablets. 

Adventure #42
Headed to the Shrine of God

They quickly returned to La Croix in order to find a hint of the Shrine of God's location. 

Adventure #41
Finding Devian Ray

They quickly return the precious Gulthias Tree leaf to the village of La Croix before returning back to the Sunken Citadel.

Adventure #40
Sunken Citadel - The Fight of Borak

The duo finally reaches Belak, the human overseeing operations in the Sunken Citadel.

Adventure #39
Sunken Citadel - Lower Levels

Reaching the lower levels of the Citadel, they begin exploring several avenues from a central square room filled with strange fungus.

Adventure #38
Sunken Citadel - Durran the Hobgoblin

After rallying back and taking the hobgoblin captains down, they find themselves passing corridors into a circular room with a fierce hobgoblin named Durran. 


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