Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #17
Rescuing Roy the Blacksmith

The Frost Giant in the Trade District gripped Pickles around his waist, constricting him.

Adventure #16
The Sky Elves Rescue

Having acquired the Sky Ship, Pickles vowed to return for his fellow Sky Elves they left protected in Zeke’s safe house. 

Adventure #15
The Daring Rescue & Acquiring the Loc Nar Fragment

The duo watch as the Frost Giant walks their way down the giant hall, dragging the Sky Elves behind.

Adventure #14
The Great Arena & Escape

Thrown into the arena with 6 prisoners, one being Zaburk's father, Karug, the duo prepared themselves for the 8 gates that slowly opened.

Adventure #13
The Dueragar Stronghold & Dad

Among the chaos of the fireball that sent so many dueragar into the air, the duo had cut a slice in the general's tent only to find it to be empty.

Adventure #12
Back into the Mines We Go

Faced with a half dozen Dueragar and dangerously wounded, the duo fled through a nearby window facing the quarry's cliff to escape

Adventure #11
Fighting Archamedes & the Shadow Plane

Pickles had a decision to make as he felt his Patron speak out to him, demanding he push Sophia into the portal mirror

Adventure #10
Into Valashra - Craghammer Quarry

The duo could either return to Raven's Hollow with the mysterious scroll Pickles received from the Warlock Enclave or take the map that Jeremiah provided to Craghammer Quarry.

Adventure #9
The Village of Stonebrook

Pickles and Strogg fight while the guard's three dogs run down the east block to attack Zaburk

Adventure #8
Raven's Hollow

When the duo arrives to Raven's Hollow, it is eerily silent


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