Vengeful huntsman seeking his father for the wrongful approach to his mother




In the Northern Lands my human mother, Isabel Northam, who grew to love and except her Orc husband, Karug. The ordeal of birthing me caused her to fail to survive and Karug abandon me shortly afterwards in his grief ridden state of mind to the Rangers naming me Zarburk.

The rangers raised me instilling in me all of their knowledge of survival. When the touch became a threat to all, the rangers taught them survival and worked with the dwarfs to set up the chambers and make a self-sufficient environment to live in. In the end the ranger elders assigned the younger rangers, including me, to continue to work with the dwarfs constructing and maintaining chambers, while they stayed outside to hunt and destroy the touch.

Though I didn’t appreciate the safety of being locked up underground, I continued to work to establish and maintain the life-support systems of the chambers. Due to my physical appearance toward my human half, ladyfolk did not avoid me. Above all was Ursula Stargrave, well-proportioned, six foot, brunette human. I found her attractive but not beautiful having light brown skin. Ursula marveled at the knowledge and skill of the rangers and their activities in the chamber.

Time flew bgy as our bond strengthened. We set a joining date and began preparations. My apprehension of a mixed joining weighed on my thoughts when Evenight of our joining came and we traditionally went into isolation for the night.

I was awaken the morning of our joining by the breaking in of my door by a huge angry mob.
They swarmed in bearing me out into the open chamber before the chamber elders, who beseeched them not to slay me! The mob settled down a bit not releasing their grips on me. The elder spokesman came forward saying: "Due to your numerous good deeds and aid in forming and maintaining the chamber your execution for the murder of Ursula Stargrave is commuted to permanent exile from this chamber. Should you return your death sentence will immediately be carried out.

I withdrew going into total seclusion from all, moving into an area of new dwarven excavation. I know I have been falsely accused andpunished without any defense being allowed, on top of loosing my beloved Ursula.

Weeks pass, more and more my thoughts dwell on hatred of the true murder and revenge on my betroved’s slayer. Weeks turn into months which turn into years allowing the all comsuming hatred to ebb enough to allow me to move forward in my meager existence.

The Touch Stats:

Zaburk – Cervitaur, Large, AC 18, HP 80, Attack – Antlers 7 (Str5), dmg 1d12+5

S20, D13, C14, W11, I8, CH4

SA: 1 / 3 rds Trample @ 3d6+5 dmg, 30 ft


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