Remirez Black

Forger of the Loc Nar, Loc: Ninth Level of Hell


Remeriez Black once lived among the beauty and glamor that which was the Kingdom of Kindred where the humans called home. A simple blacksmith, he make his wagers specializing in various iron contraptions used for hoisting cargo up and down the cliff face of the Crying Eye. Sometimes he would be commissioned to do a more specialized contraption such as block and tackle for a beast of burden or even a piece of armor for one of the guards.

Though he lived an honest life with no skeletons in his closet or evil motivation, he was haunted nightly by creatures not of this world. Beasts of nightmares plagued his dreams and gave him visions of forbidden and sacrilege acts. These went on for years as he developed a form of insomnia that caused his nightmares to occur while he was conscious.

HIs own will buckled, and he found himself allowing the thoughts and visions to take control of his mind, paving way to the creation of the most horrific and damning artifact known to Zatra: the Loc Nar. This weapon of destruction was only an impressive weapon when completed – he was not the greatest weaponsmith though talented enough to forge a solid tool. This weapon was imbued by those who granted him the envision and knowledge to concoct such a device.

The Loc Nar was then swept away by a thief one night just hours after he completed his work, proud of his craftsmanship yet broken by the realization that his creation was a Damned artifact. The weapon was traded, stolen, bought and sold until it was lost and forgotten as was their intentions. Those who conceived of this plan let the artifact lay quiet until the time was right years later to be discovered by the Five.

When he died, he passed on to what at the time was an Afterlife, but when Koz came into existence and began its reign of terror and rebuke upon the world, Remeriez was judged and imprisoned in the deepest level of Hell, the Ninth Level, where he remains to this day for his creation of a forbidden weapon.

Remirez Black

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