Young Warlock with a tingle of evil thoughts eager for knowledge




Pickles was once a hired assassin for those with high coin. On his last assignment, he murdered an Elven maiden who was betrothed to a Half-Orc, Zaburk. A noble who had tried courting the young maiden in vain grew jealous and racist towards the half-breed and ordered the hit.

Pickles was cunning enough that his work placed the blame on Zaburk who fled into the far reaches of the Chamber, deep inside the construction zone. But the moment changed the assassin’s philosophy on life, and he left the assassin life to pursue the career as a Warlock.

By Fate, he is now matched with the very person he arranged to be blamed for his last project, and through his own guilt, is determined somehow to repay him for what he did.

Cherlindrea’s Wand:

“A time ago far longer than mortal comprehension, this world was in its First Life. We sought to save our kind, a pinnacle utopian life form, by searching the cosmos for what we were losing rapidly. This world is the result of our searchings. But the Great Devourer, Basatan was brought forth unto this world by Cherlindrea’s essence to which it was gone in an instant. Upon the Second World, another Devourer, this time in the form of Shub-Niggurath, removed the world’s existence, leaving behind a reborn world to which we sought once again. It is the Third World, and we seek to save our own for one last attempt before we are extinct. Yet another entity stands in our way, not yielding to our desperate needs. We have sought alternate methods that one day will result in the destruction of the entity and our kind will be saved by this world’s core.”

He’s being deceived by the Warlock Enclave into thinking there really are Warlocks when he is the only one. They wish to use him to follow Cthulhu, getting close enough and learning of its weaknesses to destroy it or divert it from Zatra. He is currently as a Living Gate that Cthulhu is slowly approaching through. This was created by Nub Sumat, the yellow-robed cult wishing Cthulhu to appear.


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