Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #22

Haroktar Cathedral

They sailed for Horaktar Cathedral in search of the Baron.

There was a cathedral after all, albeit dilapidated, swarming with vampire spawns and death dogs.  They warded the creatures back into the cathedral to land and ventured to the door.  Baron the Bold stood behind the pedestal, channeling divine powers from a strange book he was reading.

They thought he was the person they were instructed to ask questions that Beatrics mentioned, but they soon realized he was not there for answers or for them but for himself.  Among these were requesting to remove the Eye of Vecna from Pickles hand, which the Baron took (having secretly obtained the Horn of Vecna long ago).

They noticed the cathedral begin to disappear, so Pickles let his wand go, which it picked up and crushed Baron the Bold on the floor, killing him.  They entered inside and fought the dogs and vampires, killing them.

Searching the body of the Baron, they found a bag of holding containing the stolen gems, a pouch with the Eye of Vecna, and a rapier (+1)  They reached out to the book, and were sucked inside for a moment.

They stood over a miniature version of Zatra, and an Assimar approached them, standing over the world wearing robes, and began narrating the true history of Zatra.  They discover it's the Third World now and that each time some cosmic being eats the world and wastes it out only to expand and become another world.  It has thwarted the Assimar for millions of years, and they are desperate to reach the core to expand their home world's life of Boz.

They are brought back to the cathedral, and the book shows it is a genealogy book.  They are direct descendants of two of the original Five who found the Loc Narr so long ago.  All other descendants have died at some point in the past.  Zaburk is a descendant of Flint Fireforge, a dwarf, while Tanis Half-Elven is a far reaching grandfather to Pickles, who they had met unknowingly in Nanook City.

They realize now why everyone is eagerly and anxiously watching them and what they do.

They are not alone.  An Assimar seems to have traveled from Boz to their spot with expectations of meeting them there.  He warns them the Assimar people are wanting to destroy Zatra out of anger for so many years of frustration being thwarted.  He pleas for the duo not to use the Loc Narr to destroy the Assimar and that there are other better ways.

He warns not to use Cherlindrea's wand as the growth on Pickles forehead (which is now a small shrunken head), will continue to become something he cannot handle yet.  He says only to use it with the Touch.  The Nub Sumat are their enemies, he says, and should be destroyed.  He is suddenly pulled back by a mysterious hand, showing he was nothing more than a projection from his home world, and he warns them to waken the Sleeping One with the Horn of Vecna somewhere in Kindred.

They discover the cathedral has traveled to a jungle, presumably in Kindred somewhere.  However, they can control the speed somewhat by uncovering a pressure plate under the pedestal that speeds the cycling quicker.  Soon they are back to their original location and decide Kindred is their next destination being so close.



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