Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #20

Life After Death

The duo find themselves strangely conscious despite having been fately struck by a spell.  

They are in a large metropolitan city that is riddled with strange creatures of reptilian origin.  They are escorting restrained individuals from homes into rifts that lead them to a very alien city.  Remaining in the city are several dozen of these creatures guarding dozens of metal cylinders that have 6 smaller cylinders which move up and down in the ground, drawing a transluecent green gel into the main cylinder.


The duo has no weapons or armor, and Pickles finds his spells are inadequantly powered.  He sneaks across the road with a distraction to enter a tavern while Zaburk searches a nearby house for any clues.

Inside the tavern, Pickles finds a familiar item: Smoked Wood Stout in one of the kegs from the Crows Cage Inn.  A piano in the corner begins to play by itself, and he summons his staff and swings it at the area.  A voice comes from the seat and a cat with wings appears before him.

Meanwhile Zaburk discovers very little in the house and joins Pickles in the tavern listening to the cat.  It tells them the time is 500 years ahead of their year and that they both look out of sync from the time.  The creatures outside are called Assimar, and they are a part of the Second Invasion the "Sacred Duo" failed to prevent.  The Assimar enslaved most people of the world, taking them back to their homeworld somewhere in the cosmos, leaving behind thousands of the metal cylinders outside.

The cat, who Pickles named Bubbles, leaves the tavern and distracts the guards, allowing the duo to slip into a nearby house that was once home to a woodsman for they find weapons to use.  Preparing a trap, they lure one of the guards to the house and vanquish him.  The cat killed the other while they were busy and vanished.

They inspect the cylinder and find that they can destroy it, so they break it open, causing the gel to escape which hardens quickly.  It's clearly pumping something from the ground.

When they try and leave the area, they find its all enclosed by an invisible barrier.  When they enter one of the houses near the center of this enclosure, they find themselves back in the houes of Beatrice in Raven's Hollow.  They feel their lungs fill with air as they realize they have not taken a breath of air since they died.  They rise again in the chamber with the mage, whom Pickles obliterates with a spell in revenge.  They hear the voice of Beatrice mentioning how the geas that was placed on them would prevent them from dying.  They return to her to inform her of their victory.  Inside the mage's chamber, they found the scroll that allows for communication to Chamber 3 that they were to find in 13.  Nub Sumat members stole it and taken it here.

Having saved the village, they get on board the Rising Sun and set their sails south to the town of Pottleville in hopes of finding Horaktar Cathedral and some answers to the numbers questions they have.



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