Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #19

Breaching Nub Sumat's Encampment

After a geas was place on them, they found the entrance to a hollowed knoll they felt contained an undead creature.

 They deftly stepped in, lowering down to a chamber hall that was riddle with gnarled roots above and beside them.  They spotted odd formation drawings in the dirt among human footprints to which they deduced were caused by Dark Mantles dropping down from above.  They spotted two, which they deftly killed, but immediately felt the entanglement of the roots come up from the ground attempting to grab them in place.  Although they jumped out of the way safely in time, a demonic clawed hand reached up from the dirt trying to grab Zaburk.


Pickles taunted the creature to face them head on after the Ranger avoided being grabbed.  Suddenly an invisible force punched the Warlock in the face as the demon materialized before them.  The ground cracked open, separating like tectonics with strips of hot lava between.

They bounced around them, avoiding the Balgura while Dark Mantles dropped from the ceiling, causing magical darkness that blinded Zaburk.  A long battle took place with finally the duo becoming victorious.

Trying to avoid the lava cracks, Pickles cast fly on one of the dead Dark Mantles and flew it like a chair down the hallway while Zaburk created "fire resistant" snow shoes.

They faced 3 tunnels ahead and took the center one.  Metal grates ran along the walls at the base about a foot or two high.  As they crossed by halfway, a back plate behind the grates slid away and clawed gauntlet hands reached out to swipe at them, slicing Zaburk considerably.  Pickles cast mirror image to avoid damage as he traversed the rest of the corridor while Zaburk tried holding himself off the ground above the grate, falling once but suspending himself the second attempt.  A chain at the end closed the plating and allowed Zaburk to walk normally.

But something didn't feel right, and they felt the need to retrace their steps and venture down the right tunnel instead.  There was an alcove that had dried goods and rations that they restocked their diminishing supplies before heading on.

Pickles failed to notice a spiked pit trap further down while Zaburk set off falling block trap after leaping over the trap Pickles found.

Beyond the Sky Elf noticed two secret passages.  One had a Water Breathing spell scroll and the other led back to the original triple split to avoid the traps altogether.

Three doors greeted them at the end of the right tunnel.  One had three sleeping acolytes of Nub Sumat, several voices were coming from the center about putting in hours of worship this week, and the left one had bubbling sounds.

They snuck in and killed the sleeping acolytes and put their robes on.  After waiting for those talking to leave the room, they followed them down the secret passage they used and discovered they descended into the left tunnel, which was flooded.  Using the water breathing spell, they followed and found the acolytes in a worshipping chamber.  A featureless stone statue standing 15 feet tall was in the middle rotating slowly while several hovering platforms rotated opposite around it.  They were seated on them individually and were connected to the statue by a tendril of liquid-gel that surrounded them and was impenetrable.  

Pickles tried casting Witch Bolt, which had a chain reaction throughout the statue and cultists, breaking the connection and knocking them unconscious, which Pickles dispatched quickly.

They returned to the door down the right tunnel with bubbling sound and burst open to find another Nub Sumat member.  He recognized them as acolytes and dismissed them irritatably.  When they would not leave, he became enraged and engaged them in battle.

Summoning 4 wolves that attacked the two, he cast a furious cold spell that knocked out Zaburk and Pickles just before he was killed…


What has become of the duo?



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