Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #18

Raven's Hollow Redemption

Raven's Hollow was not the same as they left it.  A misty shroud covered the town along with a strange unnatural night that was only visible within a few hundred feet of the town's limits.

 As they entered, Zaburk sensed an unhallow aura and began seeing a gentle floating undead essence that led through the town.  Pickles smelled the strange aroma as well.


They were interrupted by a pair of winter wolves digging up dryad body parts that had been buried between two houses.  The duo attack the wolves and manage to kill the two beasts but not before one severely injuring Pickles.

Wounded, they retreat down the street towards Beatrice's house, but Shadows emerge through the cracks of all the houses, dozens in numbers and begin pursuing them.  They manage to burst into her house before the Shadows caught them.

After a healing cup of tea for Pickles, the duo began asking questions about various things they have.  Pickles pulled out Cherlindrea's Wand, which causes Jazmin to teleport away immediately and even Beatric to hold her hand over her mouth in horror and shock.  Pickles explained where he got it, but Beatrice can't fathom how he is not vaporized or the world for that matter.  She says that it can be used on a minor aspect that can be used against the Touch, but on a grander scale can do devastating harm to the world.

The five rings that Pickles found in the Beholder's lair were identified.

Beatrice explains the iron keg they received as a gift from Ichabod Thornwood that it is a protective device for whatever is inside.  She detected an essence aura, which would imply something organic inside.  She recommends seeking out the living grounds of Devian Ray, the founder of the Hollowers and an expert in dreams.  His domain was somewhere in the kingdom of Remes.

Zaburk's drawing of a mountain and river with people on it was told to seek Horaktar Cathedral near the southern border of Solitude.  They could find answers to that, the sighting of reptilian creatures in the Shadow Plane, and even Cherlindrea's Wand.  That was the last locatino it was seen as it relocates frequently.

She informs them the village of Pottleville is in need of their aid and that their journey of finding the cathedral would begin there.

Finally, they are told that the parchment with holes they found in the vault of Chamber 13 should be taken along with the cylinder that was in the model pyramid to the Shrine of God somewhere deep in the wastelands of Remes.

They departed and picked back up on the undead essence Zaburk had found.  It went into a mysterious animal burrow under a porch, but it continued on out of town into a thicket forest.  Zaburk entered the forest showing Pickles the best path that eventually led to a grass knoll with a cavity that leads underground.



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