Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #15

The Daring Rescue & Acquiring the Loc Nar Fragment

The duo watch as the Frost Giant walks their way down the giant hall, dragging the Sky Elves behind.

Awaiting the Frost Giant to pass by with the intention of telepathically communicating with the Sky Elves, the giant spots Pickles and tries intimidating him.  However, Pickles reveals his Third Eye to the giant, catching him off guard and sending him in fear off to get others and return soon.  Pickles gathers the 3 elves and brings them along and unshackles them, as the giant dropped the chains and forgot them.


Zaburk opens a sealed display case to retrieve a historical book of the Sky Elves, and they retreat into the sewers before the giants returned.

Karug takes point and leads them through the sewers to another entry point he believes is near the King of Beggers, a self-proclaimed ruler of a part of the slums called the Melt.  Right before exiting the sewers, they are attacked by two Gibbering Mouths.

They draw attention from a claustrophobic and crowded market aisle as the 3 Sky Elves, nearly naked, emerge from the sewers.  A strange Sky Elf reaches out for Pickles and begs them to follow to avoid any more attention.  He leads them to a quiet alley where he explains he is seeking Han Overfist much like them but does not know the way.  Karug is nearly dead by now from the poison that was inflicted days ago when he was in the arena.  Knowing his time is short, Zaburk and he exchange last words of enjoyment, then they bury him under the pavers of the streets of Nanook and head out to find the King of Beggers.

They gain entry by Pickles showing his Third Eye again past the guards who are revolted by the sight.

Zeke remains outside, but he does not mention to them why.  An obese man sits before a feast of a table, devouring everything before him.  He tells them he knows of Hans location, but will only give the information if they sabotage a rival gang that calls themselves One Eyed Jacks.  They are a group of Sky Elf slavers who sell their own kind to the Frost Giants.  He asks for them to free 6 of the elves and bring them back to him.

Zeke mentions of the gang and informs them of an entrance to their section via the sewers.  When they reach the ladder leading up, the nook with the ladder is filled with debris.  Pickles begins removing it with his Eldritch Blast, but it draws the attention of a giant octopus who pulls Cujo into the water.  However, they are able to destroy the creature before the dog drowns and make it up to the city again.

The gang is performing some odd ritual that is bringing a giant campfire into green flame that twirls like a tornado, clearly distracted.  The group deftly sneaks over to the cage, which is conveniently beside the opening, and frees the elves.

Han gives them a map for their deed that leads them to a dead end.  On the way, they drop the 9 Sky Elves at a hidden sanctuary that Zeke offers to keep them where food and water can be found.

While Zaburk finds an odd phenomenon of air coming from solid stone, Pickles discovers the map is a mimic, requesting a sacrifice like before.  He tricks a merchant into holding the map, which devours him in a second.

Inside, the soothsayer tells them the piece of the Loc Nar is near, just under the market but not to trust the Half-Elf who guards the piece.

Zeke throws a tanglefoot bag at their feet that stops them for a moment before grabbing Han and darting out the door.

The chase is on, the duo navigate through the crowded streets of Nanook City, avoiding falling icicles, sleeping giants, and shortcuts through sewage before overtaking Zeke.

Zeke reveals he is a One Eyed Jack, a slaver, and wants Han Overfist.  They grapple him and take him to where they left the elves.  Zeke casts Misty Step outside onto a nearby building, and he sends an Ice Storm spell down upon the two as they come outside looking for him.  Pickles unleashes Hellish Rebuke on the Sky Elf, nearly killing him, then the two throw one last effort to take him down, as he falls to his death from an arrow of Zaburk's.

Pickles searches the pockets of the mage, finding a Guardian Necklace, that grants a 2 initiative by whispering warnings to the wearer.  He also finds a jar of ointment (Keoghtom's Ointment).  One use – 2d82 hit point healed, cure of poison and any disease.

They return Han to his hiding location, but when they get back, Pickles and Zaburk feel like something is wrong with the soothsayer.  Pickles detects and aura around him of fiendish reasoning, and Zaburk believes that a Hym, an evil spirit that latches onto those who commit evil acts to suggest more evil acts, has fused with Han.

They know to get rid of it, they must do an evil deed, which Pickles happily does.  The creature latches onto him instead.

They head to the market and discover the secret lift that takes them to the hidden chamber underneath.  A colossal chamber filled with ice and glass crystals abound with a giant sky ship lodged midway through them.  Tanis, the half-elf captain, walks along the deck.  He's completely insane and often shifts personalities and time periods as he talks.

He reveals another fragment of the Loc Nar, which snaps automatically with the first they found in the Vault of Chamber 13.

The entire chamber begins to shake as Frost Giants have tracked them to the spot and are beginning to attempt to break in.  The captain tells them to place the pieces into the steering wheel of the ship, which causes the entire ship to break free from its confines of the crystals.  However, it brings the ceiling down, along with the market square of Nanook City above, exposing the chamber to the outside elements.  Half a dozen Frost Giants are on the surface and begin attacking the ship, causing Pickles to take helm and fly the ship away back to where the young boy took them into the city originally.

The session ends with them landing the vessel near the sewer gate in hopes to go back and rescue the 9 Sky Elves, perhaps putting them to work as the crew of their newly acquired ship, The Rising Sun.



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