Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #14

The Great Arena & Escape

Thrown into the arena with 6 prisoners, one being Zaburk's father, Karug, the duo prepared themselves for the 8 gates that slowly opened.

 A group of bugbears, lions, a minotaur and an enormous chimera surged from the darkness of each gate and engaged the prisoners.

The prisoners included twin drow, a hobgoblin, two gnolls, and Karug, to which all of them battled the lions and bugbears.

Zaburk took only two arrows to destroy the lions that were fighting Karug, allowing the orc to engage in the chimera.  The mind flayer fought against the mighty minotaur under the disguise of a gnoll in fear of the duergar attacking him.  He cleverly used his psychic attacks against the minotaur and hoped he outlasted the deadly blows of the minotaur's greataxe.

Meanwhile the focus of the arena was in the center where Pickles, Zaburk, their dogs, and Karug joined together to face the Chimera.  They were able to cut it down despite its seemingly invincibility so they could aid the rest of those in the arena.

Although damaged, all 11 who entered the arena remained standing after the fight was over, vanquishing each of the creatures.  Suddenly from the darks of the arena comes an angered voice that was tired of the toying and slaughtering of his pets.  A giant beholder slowly hovered down into the arena to challenge the prisoners himself.  Kaval had arrived.

During the fight, Kosher suffered a catastrophic experience as one of Kaval's disintigration ray struck the animal, turning it into ash.

While the rest were somewhat damaged, they all found themselves exceedingly lucky with Kaval's underestimating the group by using relatively nonlethal rays it possessed.  They were eventually able to take down the beast.

Pickles cut open the creature and found a Lantern of Revealing, a star ruby work 1,000 gp, and a helm of telepathy.

The mind flayer left quickly after for the Elder Brain, and the hobgoblin took the two drow and gnolls and left to adventure together.

Meanwhile Karug was injured by poison somehow and is falling ill.  While they are able to heal him over and over, the poison is taking effect on the body.  They must flea the underground quickly.  The mind flayer agrees to take them to the surface, but before they depart, it gives Pickles a charm much like his Patron with the words "The Elder Brain suggested to me that you two are special and that higher meaning will come to call.  When that moment happens, drop your blood onto the charm, and my brethren will answer."

When they make it to the surface, they are immediately stricken with cold, but Zaburk has a rod that creates a magical portal to a mansion where they can rest for the night.  They know of tracks of a caravan an hour or so from there if they can make it through the cold.

The caravan was attacked by three Yetis that Zaburk observed from a fly spell that was cast on him by Pickles to get a better look.

Karug tells Zaburk of his true birth and why he was given up to the Rangers.  He also mentions the Loc Narr and that he thought he found one of the pieces to it.

The caravan has a single survivor, a small boy named Bobby, who can lead them to Nanook City through a secret tunnel in the sewers.  The group find warm clothes to avoid the winter chill and head on, but not before being attacked by the same 3 yetis while going through a narrow ravine.

The group vanquishes the yetis and makes their way into Nanook City, but they are warned that the Frost Giants invaded and conquered the city and to be avoided at all cost.  They enter the city proper through a secret passage exiting through a book shelf in Bobby's parent's bookstore.  Karug mentions the importance of finding that piece of the Loc Narr, and Pickles mentions the name Hanover Fist who might know of its location.  Karug knows where he can be found in the city, but they are interrupted by a Frost Giant coming down the giant hall of the city.

He is dragging three Sky Elves by their throats that sends Pickles into a frenzy of revenge to save his people.



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