Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure #12

Back into the Mines We Go

Faced with a half dozen Dueragar and dangerously wounded, the duo fled through a nearby window facing the quarry's cliff to escape, leaving Jarvis to his fate.  As Zaburk took their leave, he heard the familiar voice of Quintin say "Oh now I remember the spell!"  Following the sudden appearance of dozens of large butterflies fluttering about the gray dwarves.  Zaburk heard the dwarves screaming in misery as he left the room to catch up with Pickles.

After the chaos ended, they returned to Jarvis' quarters, accompanied by a few dozen miners to find the Dueragar to be no more.  From Jarvis' description, the butterflies incinerated them to ash.

Quintin and Nichademus greeted them in the chamber as well.  They all rest up and visit for a bit, explaining to Jarvis of his niece's fate.  Although the news is grim, he repays them the only way he can.  He gives them a note for a passenger pigeon to bring to him where ever they desire to build a stronghold of their own.  He will see to it that the amount of stone requested be sent via caravan to that location.

In the morning over breakfast, Quintin is already at the entrance to the mine, peering at it like an oddity.  He agrees to go with them to see the alchemist's lab.  They are reminded along the way of the zombie bartender and his wife's ring they have to take to the kingdom of Remes.

Quintin explains to Zaburk how important it is to locate his father.  It has to do with their destiny, something they have heard often as of late.

Without Quintin, they continue on and passed the mouth of the Purple Worm into an octagonal room, each with its own door.  They detect snoring coming from two of the rooms, and they decide to play it safe and hope the door opposite of the purple worm's maw is the direction onward.

The next room they come across a Mind Flayer.  He agrees to ally with them as a joint effort on revenge among the Dueragar.  There's a stronghold nearby that he knows its location, but in order to get inside, they are told to kidnap their general located on a ledge about 150 feet below them.  The Mind Flayer agreed to extract any secret information such as passageways into the castle.  They are warned of a diversion at some point.

Pickles casts Fly and takes Zaburk around back of the general's tent in hopes of sneaking in that way.  When they find nothing but heavy, grounded tarp, three gray dwarves walk past the tent and toward the platform ledge.

The two battle it out, but the victor goes to the duo.  Right when they are done with the guards and are reading to approach, a huge fireball bursts from the finger tips of the Mind Flayer and decimates half of the gray dwarves.




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